Weekend of Top Events in Istria: Bumbarska, Grisia, Cioche, Svetica, Lisac

This weekend marks the peak of the touristic season all along the Croatian coast and some of Istria’s most traditional celebrations and other events take place during the prolonged weekend (Assumption of Mary on Monday, August 15) and there will also be many concerts from today, Friday, August 12, 2016 on.

This time, we’ll let the concert organisers worry about promoting their respective shows and focus on a handful of the most characteristic traditional annual celebrations.

If you are in Istria over the weekend, don’t miss the Grisia exhibition and celebration in Rovinj, when the streets of the old town of are going to be turned into outdoor galleries and the town will be even more colourful, romantic and vivid, as renowned and aspiring artists present their works on the stone stairs, walls and windows.

Also use the opportunity to buy something to remind you of Istria and Rovinj until your next visit. Grisia has been taking place since 1967 and has become one of the most popular events of the city. Grisia 2016 takes place on Sunday, August 14.

Don’t make any reservations at restaurants for Monday, August 15. Head to Galižana-Gallesano, near Vodnjan-Dignano, for some fabulous snail-polenta at the Festa delle Cioche (Snail-Fest) and check “eat snails” off your bucket list. Most of the served snails come from local vineyards and meadows. More info